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Keto Makis

Yields1 Serving

Keto Makis avec de riz de chou fleur | cétogène

Rice mixture
 800 g Cauliflower riceor shredded cauliflower
 200 g cream cheese (philadelphia)
 2 tbsp coco aminosor soy sauce (contains more carbs)
 4 tbsp Rice vinegar
 6 nori sheets
 Cooking oil
 4 tbsp sesame oil (optional)
 SalmonRaw or cooked
 Crabs sticksA limiter car riche en glucides
 Laughing cow type cheese
 Sushi BazookaNot mandatory
 Bambou mat
Preparation of the rice

If your cauliflower rice is not ready, just mix small quantities of cauliflower in a blender. Use the pulse function to not overmix it.


In a hot wok, sauté the cauliflower rice in a the sesam oil (or olive oil) and season with coconut aminos (or soy sauce). Do not overcook to prevent the rice from softening. It should keep a slightly crunchy consistency.


Once cooked, remove from heat and add the cream cheese and the rice vinegar. Mix well to obtain a homogeneous mixture and set aside to cool.

Preparation of fillings

Cut the vegetables and fish of your choice into sticks.

Assembly of maki

If you use the Sushi Bazooka, just follow the instructions supplied with it to make your rice rolls which you will just have to place on the nori sheet. Then roll the nori sheet with the bamboo mat, making sure it is tight enough to prevent the whole from sagging.


If you want to prepare your rice rolls by hand, you will first need to cover the bamboo mat with cellophane. Place a sheet of nori on it (or half a sheet for smaller maki)


Cover the seaweed sheet with the rice preparation to a thin layer, making sure to leave a strip of 1.5 to 2 cm without rice at the top of the sheet.


Place your filling at the bottom of the nori sheet, then roll it up, making sure to compact it well, otherwise the maki may not hold.


It is possible to place the rolls in the fridge in order to harden them before cutting them, but this is not compulsory.


Cut the rolls into maki making sure to wet the blade of the knife with water and a little rice vinegar.